XPOMET Leipzig

Just attended XPOMET in Leipzig March 2st – a new Congress dealing with recent developments in Health Industry. Lots of digital tools have been demonstrated. Incredible! Fascinating! Beside future ER, virtual reality glasses projecting CT scans on the patients surface in time of surgery here’s one more specific example:

The new Acoustocerebrograph by Sonovum AG

A new Ultrasound-device, detecting abnormalities in brain’s tissue structure. Not specific to diagnosis (e.g. Tumor, Bleeding,…) yet, but:…. Having no CTscan in Ship’s hospital… a tool like this might help in case of neurological abnormalities to decide next steps. Learn more: http://www.sonovum.de/en At this venue the first Precision Medicin Conference took place, too – lead by my colleague Dr. Micheal v. Blanquet. Whilst traditional medical practices have been very patient specific on a pure empiric basis – digitalisation offers the same on a complete different level – using individual genetic information in combination with big data – curious about the further development and it’s practical implications.

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