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In the maritime environment, passengers, seafarers and international organisations have increasingly specific expectations about health management and care.

Could you optimise your facilities? Do you need to implement more cost-effective solutions? Are you sure that you are compliant with existing standards and regulations? With our extensive, in-depth experience in developing and managing both sea and shore side medical facilities we will help you to achieve all that, and a lot more.

We believe in providing a service which is reliable, patient-centered, competent and financially sound.

Current projects

m.DocSea - The holistic digital health platform


The holistic digital health platform

m.DocSea is the patient centric, holistic, digital health platform solution. We provide a new approach to the fundamentals of healthcare. Built by Marine Medical Solutions in collaboration with m.Doc.

Learn more about m.DocSea

Nurse at Sea

Prepare your nurses for duty at sea

Get your nurses best prepared for duty at sea with a 4-modular course. The course is designed as a mix of live events and e-learning. Built by Marine Medical Solutions in collaboration with Central Academy for medical profession (Germany).

Learn more about Nurse at Sea

Public Health X Over

What are the two pillars of successful Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) prevention and control? Management and Response!

This new workshop provides along with describing the what of shoreside crisis management and emergency service practical information on how to leverage existing management procedures and department responses using the framework of a “table-top” exercise.

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