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In the maritime environment, passengers, seafarers and international organisations have increasingly specific expectations about health management and care.

Could you optimise your facilities? Do you need to implement more cost-effective solutions? Are you sure that you are compliant with existing standards and regulations? With our extensive, in-depth experience in developing and managing both sea and shore side medical facilities we will help you to achieve all that, and a lot more.

We believe in providing a service which is reliable, patient-centered, competent and financially sound.

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Marine Medical Service: A niche with significance

Compared to the health care systems and services ashore, maritime health and medical services are rather a niche segment. Most people do not have any personal touchpoint in their lifetime with any kind of maritime medical service. Still, that fact does not take away the imperative every single aspect of health care possesses. For seafarers and passengers, execution and effectiveness make the difference.

The challenge of providing marine medical service

A set of various national and international laws and regulations determine the benchmark that must be met. Those requirements for medical equipment and services at sea come with increasing standards and expectations. Although a natural sense of responsibility generates the urge to ensure human wellbeing and safety at sea, living up to those standards is difficult due to the conditions of a maritime environment. It is a major challenge to organize an effective system to deal with a large sum of possible health issues. Especially, while working with limited resources, space and most of the time without the possibility of immediate support by facilities ashore. Having current options and the right setting, you will be able to meet regulations, expectations and effectiveness at the same time.

Effectiveness is key: Optimizing your marine medical service

The first step to an organized and efficient health services system onboard your vessel is to focus on effectiveness. The three essential pillars are optimized medical facilities, health care professionals or trained staff members and an adequate structure and organization behind. It is not about the sheer quantity –  it is rather about how the operation and management are set up. With our extensive experience in the sector, we are here to assist, to add value and safe money simultaneously, to assist your profiling as top-employer. There is more to marine medicine than you think!

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