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Marine Medical Solutions is your provider for management, consulting and education for medical care in the maritime sector.

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Medicine does not stand still. Just as new procedures in diagnostics and therapy can prolong life and improve quality of life, technical innovations make it possible to bring modern medicine on board ships. We help you to find the right way for you and also take over the management. With years of experience and a steadily growing number of ships in support, we will find the best solution with you.


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We are so delighted to be in the good hands of Doctor Jens Tülsner’s team, which we have been working with since June of 2020. We are using the Telemedical Service, which keeps our onboard personnel safe and secured all the time. Thank you very much. Alexandra Loule Crew Manger, M-Maritime
We have been using the MMS services since October 2020 and we are pleased to confirm that MD Jens Tülsner and his team are prompt, reliable and have an excellent and efficient expertise in this field of expertise. We are looking forward to continue working with MMS. Fotis Sp., Papafloratos Director Navitas Campania Maritima S.A.
We have engaged MMS as our trusted medical partner to ensure consistently highest medical care. Than, COVID-crisis twisted all our lives around and the hygiene protocols on board have been enhanced. Therefore, we are grateful for the 24/7 assistance and constant support of MMS. MMS assisted our company in upgrading appropriate hygiene plans for this specific pandemic and prepared and performed training sessions for our on-board crew. Capt. André Mahr Director Fleet Services, A-ROSA Reederei GmbH
Marine Medical Solutions GmbH has bolstered our services in a variety of ways during the last years. Equipment procurement, telemedicine, consultation, improvement of medical chest contents and provision of advice e.g for Malaria prophylaxis, and more. We value our business relationship because it is reliable, driven by profound expertise and ensures that we are always up to date and operating at the highest-quality level. Marinos Kokkinis General Manager, OCL Oceanic Catering Ltd.
The corona pandemic hit us like all companies with no experience. We needed professional support to guide us through this difficult and complex situation with the goal of keeping our high occupational health standards in our office. We reached it much faster than many other “big companies”. We immediately got support and advise by Marine Medical Solutions. And this happened on a weekend and in the evening! Furthermore, the personal relationship with Dr. Jens Tülsner has been very good from day one until today. Christoph Kappler COO Movingdots

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Marine medical service: A niche with significance

Compared with health systems and services on land, health and medical services at sea are more of a niche segment. Most people have no personal contact with any kind of medical care at sea in their entire lives. However, this fact does not change the fact that every single aspect of health care is a must. For seafarers and passengers, execution and effectiveness make the difference.

The challenge: medical care at sea

A number of different national and international laws and regulations determine the standard that must be met. These requirements for medical equipment and services at sea are accompanied by increasing standards and expectations. Although a natural sense of responsibility generates the urge to ensure human well-being and safety at sea, the conditions of a maritime environment make it difficult to meet these standards. It is a great challenge to organize an effective system to deal with a large amount of potential health issues. Especially when working with limited resources, space and usually without the possibility of direct support from onshore facilities. If you have up-to-date options and the right attitude, you will be able to meet regulations, expectations and effectiveness all at once.

Effectiveness is the key: How to optimize medical services at sea

The first step to an organized and efficient healthcare system on board your ship is to focus on effectiveness. The three main pillars are optimized medical facilities, healthcare professionals or trained staff and an adequate structure and organization to support the whole. It’s not about the sheer volume – it’s more about how operations and management are structured. With our extensive experience in this sector, we are here to help you create added value and save money at the same time to help you become a top employer. There is more to marine medicine than you think!