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What does a spice cabinet and Medical Chest have in common?

I love cooking…. and being a Doctor! Despite all the enthusiasm for spices, not every [...]

Posidonia 2022

For me the visit of Posidonia ends today.It has been 3 enjoyable days packed with kind and [...]

Norshipping in Oslo

Finally! Since long lasting 2 years of virtual meetings only…  Norshipping in Oslo. Three days full [...]

Healthcare at sea – concepts for success

1) Knowing the environment you‘re dealing with – a deep understanding of what can happen [...]

Maritime Medical Handbook now available in English

It has taken roughly a year since the German Version has been published – the [...]

Raising shipyards productivity after Covid-19

Crises force us to rethink, to be creative and to explore new possibilities. Command of [...]

Cruise Business after C-19 Shutdown

A successful restart of #cruise lines requires much more than just meeting new #Covid-19 hygiene [...]

Study: Cruise medicine – What does the customer want?

With the continuous growth of the cruise industry, questions from the field of maritime medicine [...]

Medical Handbook Sea

Finally we hold it in our hands: The newly published „Medizinisches Handbuch See“ (Medical Handbook [...]

Marine Medical Solutions takes part in World Health Summit

In 2018 the World Health Summit celebrated 10 years of existence On October, 27 this [...]