SeaMed24 Aims to Deliver High Quality Health Care to Seafarers

We are delighted about the collaboration with OCL Oceanic Catering Ltd, Tritan Software Corporation and Allianz Care that has led to the development of SeaMed24. We look forward to bringing to the maritime industry a high quality comprehensive approach.

“SeaMed24 has been developed to provide a comprehensive range of medical services aiming to improve crew members’ health care and well-being on-board through direct 24/7 access to medical expertise, while ensuring financial and operational efficiencies for ship owners. We are very excited about this new co-operation which brings together 4 leading companies, each one an expert in its field”, stated Marinos Kokkinis, General Manager of Oceanic Catering.

If you are interested in more information please find the full article about SeaMed24 at Maritime Executive.

We are proud that our project has been covered by MarineLink and Kreuzfahrt News.

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