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What are the two pillars of successful Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) prevention and control? Management and Response! Correct responses have proven essential in controlling an AGE outbreak – departments onboard and ashore know how to work closely together and understand departmental tasks and responsibilities. Without these two pillars, effectively deployed, all the AGE information in the world would not help. Yet, there is a shortage of proficiency and experience in both areas. This new workshop provides along with describing the what of shoreside crisis management and emergency service practical information on how to leverage existing management procedures and department responses using the framework of a “table-top” exercise. Different departments and disciplines form teams and come together to handle vivid reality-based scenarios of different levels of cruise line AGE outbreaks. Training is delivered at work-stations, in short specific lectures and facilitated as interdisciplinary moderated discussions. Teams are ideally formed by staff from departments as Hotel, Galley, Deck, Engine, Medical and Communications. The workshop is designed to be conducted at a site selected by interested parties. It can also be adapted to company’s specific circumstances. Get in contact for further information.

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