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Managing and preventing occupational health issues onboard vessels – an Interview with Captain Frank Rädler

Marine Medical Solutions (MMS): MMS is providing telemedical support for Crew on board ships with [...]

MMS joined Hebei cooperation fair

This year‘s cooperation fair with Hebei took place on May 18th Marine Medical Solutions has [...]

Jens Tülsner, CEO of Marine Medical Solutions talking to Global Business Owners

GBO is an exclusive but relaxed international membership club for entrepreneurs, partners, founders and investors [...]

SeaMed24 Aims to Deliver High Quality Health Care to Seafarers

We are delighted about the collaboration with OCL Oceanic Catering Ltd, Tritan Software Corporation and [...]

Maritime Medical Handbook now available in English

It has taken roughly a year since the German Version has been published – the [...]

Marine Medical Solutions wins knowledge from the Helios Covid-19 study

The current pandemic has made everyone uncertain. Many of the activities were and are still [...]

Explanatory videos for the „Medizinisches Handbuch See“

We have made it! For the „Medizinisches Handbuch See“ of the maritime medical service of [...]

BOUNCING BACK SAFELY – Full webinar available now

We thank the attendees from all over the world for participating and the incredibly positive [...]

Considering what counts – Medicine & healthcare at sea

This year, healthcare and medical information very quickly came to the forefront for all industries [...]

Marine Medical Solutions (MMS) Emerges as a Global Influencer

In only three years, Marine Medical Solutions (MMS) has earned the confidence of the Maritime [...]