Who We Are

Dr. med. Jens Tülsner, MD


Degrees and Specialist Qualifications

Human Medicine at Charité Hospital, Humboldt – University of Berlin, Germany
Health Care Management, University of Applied Sciences Bochum, Germany
Specialist in Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine

Professional Experience

Extensive experience in Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Designing & equipping of shoreside Medical Departments
(Emergency Department, Department for Outpatient Surgery)
Medical Director of the Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine Department
Medical Director, AIDA Cruises
Vice President „Medical“, Carnival Maritime / Costa Group (Costa – AIDA – Costa Asia)

Professional Memberships

International Maritime Health Association (IMHA)
German Emergency Medicine Society (DGINA)
European Society of Emergency Medicine (EuSEM)
German Society for Maritime Medicine (DGMM)

Other Activities

Presentations and speeches worldwide
Teaching activities at different Universities, Courses and Organizations

Languages Spoken

German – Mother tongue
English – business fluent
Russian, Italian – conversant

The heart and soul of every company are it’s people

That is why Marine Medical Solutions puts a particularly strong focus on finding and connecting with highly skilled people in the marine medical industry. To keep our organisation as agile as possible, we build teams perfectly suited for your needs on a project basis. We hereby greatly profit from our extensive network in the industry. Thus we are able to offer our clients the best possible service for a great variety of topics.

Shared values

Good and successful business relationships are based on trust, reliability, excellent results and similar values. This is how challenges can be mastered. Find some of our customers and partners here.

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