Structure and Organization

Medicine and health care are not the core focus for shipping companies. However, customers have high expectations, and there is a growing body of international regulations and standards.

Internal Procedures

Clear and simple procedures and processes ensure that services are delivered reliably and that unexpected events are handled smoothly.

Internal procedures can cover:

  • standard procedures
  • planning for the unexpected
  • clear internal reporting lines and responsibilities
  • crisis management

Laws and Regulations

As well as internal priorities, there are multiple national and international regulations, laws, standards and guidelines which might be applicable to your business, such as:

  • flag state laws
  • pre-embarkation medical examination for crew
  • MLC
  • public health regulations (Shipsan, VSP, ANVISA etc.)

Our areas of expertise include:

  • identifying the most practicable, cost-effective options in health management and health care
  • achieving compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • quantifying health-related risks
  • balancing the triangle of risks, benefits and costs in health care and health management

What can we do for you? Here are some examples:

Do you have an overview of your health-related expenses? A structured analysis will allow you to identify areas where improvement is necessary.

We will help you to identify the best decision-making processes and most effective reporting lines for all health issues, and to tailor them to your specific business.

Are you planning to review your medical centre? We can help you to clarify what rules, regulations and laws are applicable to you, and to become and remain compliant.

Do you have an effective and clear plan to deal with a medical crisis? We can help to create or optimize one.

Complaints and Legal Matters

Legal actions related to health or medical issues in the maritime environment become more and more frequent, and the associated costs rise constantly. Because of the peculiarity of the maritime environment, special expertise is required to evaluate the facts and to respond.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • providing expert opinion or act as expert witness in legal cases

What can we do for you? Here are some examples:

A crew member develops serious symptoms onboard, and is eventually diagnosed with a genetic disease. Because of the diagnostic delay due to the limited facilities onboard, he has suffered irreversible damage, and is now taking legal action against the company. We can support you.

A cruise ship passenger falls from height whilst intoxicated. He is examined in the medical centre. Once disembarked, the passenger makes a complaint because of a hip fracture allegedly missed onboard. We can support you.


In any health care environment, at sea or ashore, balancing benefits and costs is the key to achieve the best possible service with the available financial resources.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • cost containment
  • rationalizing the services and equipment onboard – what is essential, and what is optional
  • stock-keeping of pharmaceuticals
  • identifying the best suppliers, for both quality and cost

What can we do for you? Here are some examples:

We can review your pharmacy and medical supply: do you have all that you need, and do you need all that you have?

We can create or optimise your stock-keeping system, so that you can always know what you have onboard, when it expires and when and how much to re-order.

We can help you to ensure that the medical care provided onboard follows recognized international standards and guidelines, by developing standard operating procedure, identifying trends, reviewing practices, etc. We can help you to identify and target specific aspects which are an operational and/or financial issue, and optimize their management and associated costs.

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