Staff Providing Health Care at Sea

There are two main categories of people providing health care on vessels:

  • health care professionals (doctors, nurses, paramedics)
  • seafarers (Captain, senior officers) who provide medical care when a health care professional is not available

In all cases, staff providing health care at sea must have a broad set of skills and knowledge which includes e.g. acute medical emergencies, public health and infectious disease.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • defining the level of skills and expertise required by your medical and/or non-medical staff, tailored to your specific needs
  • providing the necessary training to acquire and maintain those skills and expertise
  • recruiting the healthcare professionals to staff your vessels

What can we do for you? Here are some examples:

Is your medical staff compliant with the applicable laws and regulations (flag state, CLIA etc)? We can perform a gap analysis and provide clear advice on how to achieve full compliance.

We can provide specific training, tailored to the maritime environment, for both medical and non-medical personnel.

If you need to recruit health care professionals, we can help to source personnel, and assist in the interviewing/recruiting process.

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