Finally we hold it in our hands:
The newly published „Medizinisches Handbuch See“ (Medical Handbook Sea).

On behalf of and in close cooperation with the Maritime Medical Service of the German Flag, we were involved as authors in its success. The result is a book by experts for laymen – practical, understandable for non-physicians, with many illustrations and links to instruction videos.


More information and where to buy

More information can be found on the website of the Maritime Medical Service of the German Flag (in German).

The book is available to order online at DINGWORT publishing house. Order it now.

Impressions from the book

Press publications about the book

„Praxishilfe bei Notfällen an Bord: Neues „Medizinisches Handbuch See“ für Schiffsoffiziere und Kapitäne erschienen“
Täglicher Hafenbericht (THB) on November 15, 2019