Medical Facilities at Sea

Whatever medical facility you require, from a basic First Aid kit to a fully equipped hospital, it is important to choose the best option for your needs.

To optimise the health of crew and passengers, and to facilitate the provision of excellent customer service, it is important to have the correct combination of medical supplies and equipment in a well designed space, supported by safe & rational procedures.

And whatever the level of health care provided, clear and detailed documentation is essential.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • planning and/or improving your medical centres
  • choosing the right medicines and medical supplies to be carried onboard
  • choosing the right equipment and services, tailored to your specific needs
  • evaluating additional services to be offered by the onboard medical centres, in addition to the traditional health care provision.
  • management of medical operations

What can we do for you? Here are some examples:

Onboard any kind of vessel (offshore rig, luxury cruise ship, yacht etc) space is always a premium. We can help you to plan and optimize the layout of your facility, with solutions which combine efficient use of the available space and safe medical practice.

The choice of medical equipment available on the market is huge, and often bewildering. The technical possibilities are exciting, but the most advanced option is not always the most useful. We can work with you in understanding what your specific needs are and guide you through the various options available (telemedicine, diagnostic imaging, remote medical advice etc).

Are you interested in extending the scope of your medical centres to include revenue-making activities such as cosmetic treatments or dialysis? We can help to identify options, and ensure that they are compatible with the flag state laws and other applicable regulations and standards.

Are you setting up a yacht for leisure travel? We can assist you in stocking your pharmacy, choosing the equipment, finding the medical staff, etc.

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